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This is a mirror of Nepeta’s repository maintained by alex_png.

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Since Suka decided to shut down the previous mirror of Nepeta’s mirror, I took the liberty to re-open it by creating this mirror. The reason as to why I’ve decided it is solely because most of the tweaks present in the mirror are still being used by other people. Not to mention that some tweaks are still perfectly working, while others are working-ish or broken. Even though some of Nepeta’s tweaks have been updated by other developers, I see no harm in keeping this mirror opened for the tweaks that don’t need to be updated nor revamped.

As Suka said, you can now download Nepeta’s GitHub files (open-source files) off the website via this link:

Or, alternatively:

This repository is completely up to date. None of the work supplied in the repository is made by me. All work in here is licensed under MIT, and therefore, there's no copyright infringement in place. If Nepeta herself requests for removal, she can do so by privately contacting me through one of the several options displayed in this website. If any other developer that is apart of this repository such as Easy-Z, Chilaxan, or Chloe wishes to have their tweaks removed, please contact me through one of the several methods displayed in this website. All requests will be handled.

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